I Survived Conference Season

The last half of the year for me is conference season. Normally, I have four conferences that I attend:

They are all quite interesting and amazing in their own way. I am constantly asked, "Is it really worth your time?" I always tell people that it depends on what you are trying to accomplish by going to a conference. When I attend the conference I intend to:

  • Network

  • Discover new topics

  • Learn new methods to solve current and new problems

  • Obtain a mental refresh

During conferences I am able to do accomplish a lot of things including meeting some of the brightest people in the industry, meeting people who encounter the same issues as me and learning about new software or hardware. Attending these conferences also allows me to recharge my batteries and gain different insight. People can develop lifelong friendships and career opportunities while attending a conference.

If you are unable to attend any of these conferences the hosts usually posts videos via Youtube. You can spend a day or two watching the videos and obtain a lot of the same information.

YouTube Channels:

However, not all conferences allow their content to be posted. Mactech and Defcon do not post their sessions on YouTube but, you can order the sessions from MacTech and torrent the Defcon sessions and presentations. Another great resource tech's can utilize are other technicians blogs. Many times there will be a few wrap up posts on tech's blogs that will detail the conference experience. Which conferences did you attend? Did you find them worthwhile?

Here are some images from some of the conferences I attended this year.