Defcon 25

Defcon 25 is taking place July 27th - 30th. It is the 25th Anniversary, so it should be a special event. Sadly I will be missing the con this year but, am hoping to make it next year. For those who are unsure of what Defcon is about, a collection of hackers who get together to talk about exploits that maybe in the wild or not. It's a collection of people some of whom care about defending users rights, and some who want to reduce users rights. There are people from all typese of three letter places who show up:

  • EFF
  • FBI
  • NSA
  • CIA
  • TOR

While TOR isn't a three letter places, they do offer services that people rely on daily basis. Some interesting talks are taking place this weekend. Specially surrounding Apple products.

This is just a small list of the all of the talks happening this weekend, but some that caught my eye immediately. If you are interested in catching these talks later Defcon does post them to their YouTube page.

Happy Hunting.