Google Docs

The Google Docs

Mobile technology is growing ever so powerful. We all knew how powerful it was however the amount of functionality developers are drawing off of their software and hardware is astonishing. The Google Suite of apps is ever changing however on the mobile side they are constantly adding features and functionality similar to their suite within the browser. With that said, let me tell you about the time I decided to write a paper on my iPhone 5s while commuting home using Google Docs. 

Technology grow's in leaps and bounds. It quickly changes day by day, month by month, and year by year. I have been long time Google Docs users however it is not the primary place I go to for document creation. I tend use Evernote, Letterspace, or just a plain text file if I need to jot down a quick note. Depending on the device in my hand,  it determines my writing volume. Currently I am working on getting a B.A. in, Information Systems with a concentration in cyber security, and on Monday I happened to have a paper due, which I had been struggling to get my ideas down on virtual paper. On Monday, I thought if I leave work at my normal time I will arrive home at decent time and finish my paper. As I arrived at the BART station I could hear and see my train pulling off, WITHOUT ME! Instead of freaking out, I now know I would be behind schedule I thought to myself why not start the paper while I wait for the next train, in 20 mins. Because my commute home would be well over 90 mins, I thought it best to begin finalizing my paper. 

I rarely use my laptop while on BART due to you never know who is around you. Living in San Francisco I have seen many laptop, iPad, and iPhone stolen because people were too immersed in their system and not their surroundings.  This left my iPhone as the tool I would use to write, edit, and finalize this paper. Previously I used Google Docs on the iPhone and quickly realized it was missing many of the capabilities I am accustomed to on my laptop. But because my options were limited I thought what the hell why not give it a shot. Let's just say after commuting for two hours I was able to complete an entire paper, share it out for editing, while highlighting and editing the color of the document. Thanks to Google Docs I was able to complete my task all during my commute home without batting and eye. 

The power that many people have right at there fingertips is quite amazing. The mere fact that I could create a document, share it, and the post it all from my phone is simply amazing. No longer do we need to provide users with some computer that has max ram, and cpu. With proper training and use cases we may able to allow users similar productivity to their pc, packed into their  mobile device. Google Docs, Evernote, Letterspace, and other editable document platforms allow users and IT folks alike the flexibility of quickly documenting a process, environment, or just notes all with thumbs.